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Professional Dog Hair Clippers

Professional Dog Hair Clippers

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Theses Professional Dog Hair Clippers is a high-quality, professional-grade dog hair clipper designed for efficient and precise grooming. It features a durable all-metal construction, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. This clipper is specifically designed to handle various coat types and thicknesses, making it suitable for a wide range of dog breeds.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Motor: Equipped with a high-powered motor, the Professional Dog Hair Clipper delivers exceptional cutting performance, effortlessly handling thick and matted fur.

  2. All-Metal Construction: The clipper's all-metal body provides sturdiness and reliability, ensuring it can withstand regular use in professional grooming settings.

  3. Rechargeable Battery: The built-in rechargeable battery allows for cordless operation, providing freedom of movement during grooming sessions. It ensures a consistent power supply for uninterrupted grooming.

  4. Precision Blades: The clippers comes with precision blades made from high-quality. These blades provide precise cutting, reducing the risk of accidental cuts or nicks.

  5. Adjustable Settings: The clippers offers adjustable settings, such as different blade lengths or comb attachments, allowing you to achieve the desired hair length and style for your dog.

  6. Quiet and Low Vibration: Designed to minimize noise and vibration, this clipper helps create a more comfortable grooming experience for your pet, reducing anxiety and stress.

  7. Easy Maintenance: The detachable blade design simplifies cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, the clipper may come with a maintenance kit that includes blade oil and a cleaning brush for proper care.

Charging time: 3-4 hours

Charging Time: 3 Hour

Battery: 2000mAh Li-ion battery

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