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Paw Mate Potty Tray Training Toilet + 1 Grass Mat

Paw Mate Potty Tray Training Toilet + 1 Grass Mat

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The Paw Mate Pet Dog Potty Tray Training Toilet is a convenient and hygienic solution for potty-training dogs. It comes with a tray and a grass mat, simulating a natural outdoor environment for dogs to do their business. Here is a description of the Paw Mate Pet Dog Potty Tray Training Toilet:

  1. Size: The potty tray measures approximately 69cm x 43cm, providing a suitable area for dogs to use as their designated potty spot.

  2. Durable Construction: The potty tray is made from durable and easy-to-clean materials, ensuring long-lasting use and hassle-free maintenance.

  3. Grass Mat: The package includes a grass mat that fits inside the tray. The grass mat is designed to mimic real grass, making it more appealing for dogs to use and encouraging them to potty in the designated area.

  4. Removable Tray: The potty tray comes with a removable bottom tray that serves as a collection container for urine. This tray can be easily cleaned and emptied to maintain a clean and odor-free environment.

  5. Potty Training Aid: The Paw Mate Pet Dog Potty Tray Training Toilet is an effective aid for potty training dogs, especially for those living in apartments or homes without easy access to outdoor spaces.

  6. Indoor Use: The potty tray is suitable for indoor use, providing a convenient and mess-free solution for pet owners who cannot take their dogs outside for potty breaks all the time.

  7. Easy Setup: The potty tray is designed for easy setup and use. Simply place the grass mat inside the tray, and it's ready for your dog to use.

  8. Replacement Grass Mats: Additional grass mats are usually available for purchase separately, making it easy to replace the mat when needed.

The Paw Mate Pet Dog Potty Tray Training Toilet is an excellent option for pet owners who want to teach their dogs proper potty habits in a controlled and clean environment. It provides a designated space for dogs to potty indoors, reducing accidents and making the potty training process more efficient. The grass mat helps create a familiar and appealing spot for dogs to relieve themselves, making the transition to outdoor potty training smoother when necessary.

 Product Included:

  • 1x Indoor Pet Potty
  • 1x Grass Mat

Product Specification:

Brand: Paw Mate
Material: High Quality PVC and Synthetic Grass
Synthetic Grass: 35mm
Product Dimensions: 69cm x 43cm x 3.5cm
Weight: 1.9kg(1 Grass Mat)

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