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i.Pet Dog Ramp

i.Pet Dog Ramp

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The i.Pet Dog Ramp is a specialized pet accessory designed to help dogs, particularly those with mobility issues, easily access elevated surfaces like cars, beds, couches, or stairs. It provides a gentle incline, allowing pets to walk or climb up and down without putting excessive strain on their joints. 

  1. Lightweight and Portable: The i.Pet Dog Ramp is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it easy for pet owners to move and transport it as needed.

  2. Foldable Design: Many models of the dog ramp are foldable, allowing for easy storage and space-saving when not in use.

  3. Durable Material: The ramp is made from sturdy and durable plastic that supports the weight of the dog while maintaining its structural integrity.

  4. Non-Slip Surface: The walking surface of the ramp is covered with a non-slip material, providing secure footing for dogs, especially those with mobility issues.

  5. Indoor and Outdoor Use: The i.Pet Dog Ramp can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing versatility in helping pets access various elevated surfaces.

Using the i.Pet Dog Ramp is especially beneficial for senior dogs, small breeds, or dogs recovering from injuries, as it helps reduce the impact on their joints while getting on and off elevated surfaces. It promotes independence and provides a safer and more comfortable way for dogs to navigate their surroundings. As with any pet accessory, it's essential to introduce the ramp gradually to your dog and provide positive reinforcement during training to ensure a positive and successful experience for your furry friend.

Brand: i.Pet
Material: PP plastic
Colour: Black
Overall dimensions: 62cm x 40cm x 49.5cm
Weight capacity: 76KG
Assembly required: No
Number of packages: One

Package Content
1 x i.Pet Dog Ramp and Step
1 x Assembly Manual

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