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Huds And Toke – Large B’Day Bone Cookie

Huds And Toke – Large B’Day Bone Cookie

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Top Choice for Happy Pets: Elevate Your Pet's Joy and Comfort with a Choice We Stand By"

The "Huds And Toke Large B'Day Bone Cookie" is a delightful and tasteful treat specially crafted to celebrate your furry friend's birthday in style, adding a touch of deliciousness to their special day. Celebrate your dog’s birthday with our Australian-made gourmet dog treat, our Large B’Day bone. This treat is delicious and is made from an all-natural nutty base and is a bone-shaped biscuit, coated in our low-fat yogurt with no melt frosting, with sprinkles for that extra party feel.

This is a hard-baked cookie base and hard frosting designed specifically for dog jaws and chewing habits – ideal for added dental benefits. This helps with increasing the chew time for the dogs enrichment and the dog's parent's enjoyment time. The minute the dog starts to devour the cookie the cookie starts to soften, no cutting required – they are designed to last longer than the usual cookie. These cute cookies are great for an everyday treat or reward for dogs, dog birthday parties, doggy gifts, and also gifts for dog parents. They look awesome for photos and videos.

You can break them up if you need the pieces to be smaller.

Product Features:

  1. Handcrafted Birthday Treat: The Huds And Toke Large B'Day Bone Cookie is meticulously handcrafted with care and attention to detail. It's designed to capture the essence of celebration and bring joy to your dog's birthday festivities.

  2. Wholesome Ingredients: This birthday cookie is made from high-quality, dog-safe ingredients, ensuring that your furry friend receives a treat that is both tasty and nutritious. The ingredients are selected to provide a flavorful and enjoyable experience for your dog. Low in Fat, No added Salt, Sugar or Preservatives.

  3. Decorative Design: The cookie features a decorative design that reflects the festive spirit of birthdays. It's shaped like a bone, making it a fun and recognizable treat for your dog.

  4. Vibrant Colors: The cookie may be adorned with vibrant and dog-safe colors, adding an attractive visual appeal that aligns with the celebratory theme.

  5. Size Consideration: The Large B'Day Bone Cookie is designed with larger dogs in mind, providing an appropriately sized treat that will satisfy their taste buds and appetite. 13cm x 6.5cm

  6. Special Occasion Treat: While perfect for birthdays, this cookie can also be a wonderful treat for other special occasions or simply to pamper your furry companion with something delightful and unique.

  7. Quality Assurance: Huds And Toke is known for its dedication to producing high-quality pet treats. Each cookie is carefully crafted and inspected to ensure that it meets the brand's standards of excellence.

  8. Gifting Option: The Large B'Day Bone Cookie can be a thoughtful and charming gift for fellow dog owners celebrating their pet's birthday. It's a heartwarming way to show your appreciation and share in the joy of your furry friend's special day.

Treat your dog to a delectable and beautifully designed birthday cookie with the Huds And Toke Large B'Day Bone Cookie. Whether you're hosting a doggy birthday party or simply want to indulge your pup on their special day, this treat is a wonderful way to make their celebration memorable and delicious.

Great for dogs medium to large (or ambitious little dogs).


Whole Wheat Flour, Peanut Butter, Canola Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Yoghurt Powder (low fat), Potato Starch, Tapioca Starch, Guar Gum, Colours, Sprinkles and Natural Colours

"Please note that this product is exclusively available to customers residing in Australia."

(Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. The actual design and colour may slightly vary from the images shown.)

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