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Drontal – Allwormer – Cats & Kittens

Drontal – Allwormer – Cats & Kittens

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Drontal is an all-wormer medication specifically designed for cats and kittens to treat and control various intestinal worms. 

Drontal Allwormer is a highly effective medication for cats and kittens that provides comprehensive treatment against intestinal worms. This single-dose treatment targets and eliminates roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms, ensuring your feline friend remains worm-free and healthy. It is easy to administer and is a veterinarian-recommended solution to keep your cat or kitten protected from harmful parasites.

Drontal Allwormer for cats and kittens now comes in a new ellipsoid shape, designed for cats. The fast-acting cat worming tablets also provide peace of mind by helping to protect families against transmissible worm infections that can be harmful to humans.

Gentle and effective, Drontal Allwormer tablets are suitable for cats of all ages, whether they are young kittens or pregnant queens.

If need guidance on which treatment is best for your cat, it's advisable to consult your veterinarian for personalised recommendations and proper usage instructions.

"Please note that this product is exclusively available to customers residing in Australia."

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